The Innovative GlassOuse Headmouse Arrives at Mobility Matters

Mobility Matters is pleased to bring this innovative product to its customers. GlassOuse is clever, wearable device that allows people to use technology hands-free. GlassOuse is extremely easy to engage with, even though it involves complex parts such as: 9 axis gyroscope, smart battery and progressive hardware.

Mobility Matters is excited about the potential of this device to enhance the independence and capability of many people. Our company believes that Mobility Matters because Independence Matters. We also believe that technology can help achieve independence and for this reason we have named the range of tech-based solutions we offer as our Virtual Mobility range of products.

Click here to buy online, call us on (02) 6280 7244 or visit one of our three stores in Fyshwick, Bega or Batemans Bay.

For those interested in some of the tech-specs of GlassOuse - the wearable device is:

  • Anticarcinogenic & Hygenic
  • Approved b RoHS and CE
  • Responding quickly to actions.
  • Able to enter sleep mode and wake up quickly

The GlassOuse Assistive Device is compatible with the following technology:

  • Smart TVs
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Windows/Linux/Mac PCs
  • limited functionality with iOS which is not currently supported