SR-XL3 Sport Rider 3 Scooter with 70Ah Gel Batteries

- The SportRider is a sleek and stylish 3 wheeled design with a high back adjustable chair and headrest, durable full suspension system and strong high visibility lighting system front and rear. Living up to its sporty appearance by attaining a respectable 15kph from its 3.5HP electric motor powered by two gel batteries on a trio of 14" wheels which depending on conditions will power the rider up to 45-50kms. While coming only in black it does keep to it's sporty appearance with silver/chrome handle bars and fork to the front wheel and mudguards. The Sportrider also comes with storage in the form of a durable storage pod that sits behind the high back chair.
- Maximum Speed Up to 15 kph
- Ground Clearance 13cm
- Front Tyre (Puncture Proof Tyre), Rear Tyre (Puncture Proof Tyre)
- Cruise Range 45 - 50 km, Incline Capabilities 10ยบ
- Battery Up to12V 100Ah MK Gel Batteries x 2
- Charger Capacity 8A Off-board
- Motor Output 3.5 HP
- Overall Width 78cm
- Total Weight with Battery 188.5kg
- Weight Capacity 180kg
- Black Only
- Includes Lockable Top Box

$8,097.60 GST Free
This product is only available in ACT, NSW.
Colour: Black
Maximum Speed: Up to 10kph
Ground Clearance: 13cm (5.1")
Tyres: 3 x 35.6cm (14")
Cruise Range: 45-50kph
Turn Radius: 157.3cm (62")
Incline Capability: 10 Degrees
Battery: 2 x 70AH Mk Gel Batteries
Charger Capacity: 8A Off-board
Motor Output: 3.5HP
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  • Standard Applicable:
    ISO 9001
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    Pride Scooter Warrenty