Sensory Calm Vest Adult Small 4.8kg Grey

- The Chain Weighted Vest is a sensory stimulating and calming aid that is ideal for active situations
- The vest is weighted with Chain that is securely sewn into channels and can be secured with the belt as well as with two extra straps for additional pressure stimulation
- The encompassing tacile stimulation as well as the stimulation of proprioception is calming and gives a better spatial awareness plus better concentration
- The removable weighted collar gives extra stimulation for those tasks that require extra concentration.
- The vest can be used in situations such as:
- homework completion or concentrating on a diffucult task
- situations that cause anxiousness such as travelling on public transport
- for times when there are changes to routines
- for when you see the warning signs of a ‘meltdown’ seen in Autism and disorders on the spectrum
- times when the surroundsin are just too overwhelming
- self harming

Sensory Calm
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  • Manufacturer:
    Somna AB Sweden
  • Product Weight:
  • Standard Applicable:
    CE Approved