Easy Funnel

Often buy goods in bulk? Use the Easy Funnel to easily transfer your shampoo, hand cleaners or bath oils from the recyclable bottles to your reusable ones.
The grip-ribs and built-in air flow channel allow you to flip over bottles and drain every drop without supervision. Made of durable yet soft plastic rubber material, this funnel remains safely in place and fits most bottle necks.

Key Features:

- Multi-purpose household funnel that easily transfers liquid contents from one bottle to another
- Grip-ribs and built-in air flow hold bottle necks together to allow for hands-free use
- Made of durable, BPA-free plastic that is lightweight, flexible, and easy to clean
- Fits most bottlenecks for a quick refill of large and small containers
- Ideal for use with bulk buys, condiments, beauty products, oils, and more

$11.55 Inc GST